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    Alyne is a Health & Nutrition Adviser on Her goals, for women and men, are to address all questions that they have to achieve or maintain healthy bodies. Alyne has a particular interest in preventing medical issues, through exercise and options for healthy and logical ways of eating. Alyne is the founder of The Woman's Way Group.
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 19:27
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  • alyne murphy added a new comment in 5 Ways To Maintain Health At The Office

    Absolutely everything in this article will benefit me and I'm sure many others! Thanks for all of the tips on making sitting all day, more manageable. GREAT article!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Foods With The Most Surprisingly Deceptive Portion Sizes

    Such an important topic, for all of us to understand!! We all eat too much of just about everything and don't even know it. Reading labels is the key!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Can Chocolate Improve Your Memory?

    BEST news ever. I love dark chocolate!! Great info..

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in The Definitive Guide To The Most Delicious Salads

    I always mix up different, fun ingredients, so I don't get bored. These are great ideas!!!! Just remember not to use too much dressing, as that's where we get the calories!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in What is the Teal Pumpkin Project?

    I have never heard of this!! What great alternatives with or without allergies. So great to know and tell everyone about it. Thanks for the info..

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in The Most Overlooked Concussion Treatment

    How refreshing to read about an alternative to doing little or prescribing a drug! In our country, we turn to our Physicians and then to a prescription. Vitamins are greatly overlooked for treating anything from injuries to Cancer!! Thanks for the "eye-opening" article!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in 6 Ways To Stay On Track With Your Diet

    This is so positive and uplifting. It truly gave me added incentive to exercise and watch and make sure that I'm not so hard on myself, when my diet isn't perfect. The comparison to a baseball player striking out and then looking forward to his next chance, was so inspiring!! Thanks for the "pick me up." Great article!!!!!!!!!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in The Best Guide To Real Life Portion Sizes

    All my questions are answered. Now I have to remember the measurements. Thanks, Jeff for the helpful tips!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Sugar: The Sole Culprit For Tooth Decay?

    Sorry about your cavities Nick!! I'm sure that sugar is the culprit, as it is in most aspects of our lives. I have also gone to the dentist and I highly recommend, after brushing and flossing, to rinse your mouth , morning and evening, with any flavor of Listerine. I use Listerine Zero, because it doesn't have any alcohol. My last exam was great!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in The Great E-Cig Debate

    I'm all for people doing what they have to do to quit smoking. I wouldn't ban them, but for me, I prefer to be away from both!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Health Buzz: The Facts Behind Fruit Consumption

    Great to know!! I never imagined that eating fruits and veggies would be THAT important, but now I have facts to back up what we've always been told. Great article!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Working

    I'm so thrilled to see attention being brought to this horrific disease!!! So glad to see one of own participating..Cheers to you, Jeff!!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Wellki Weekly Podcast: Episode 2

    It's always exciting to see what the next Podcast will be about and how much there is to learn, to be healthy and fit!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Dealing With Depression and Mental Disorders

    Great insight into this ever growing problem. Many mental disorders are treated with medications and that is rising. I am aware of articles that state that 50 years ago, people with depression or similar disorders, were given large amounts of vitamins and healthy, non-preservative foods. This seemed to help a lot of patients. Today, one gentleman was told that there was nothing they could do to help his non-responsive state. His family put him on the massive vitamin regiment and nothing but Organic foods. Very interesting that this man is thriving!! Look at your plate, as we are what we eat!! It's always worth trying!! Such a great article!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in What's Up With the No-Carb Diet?

    I have found that these types of diets are not necessarily bad. It might give you the "jump start" that you need, to see some results. Everyone needs to know that you do not stay on them for any length of time. It has already been stated in this article, that you will be lacking in vital nutrients and other beneficial things, if you are on a no carb diet for a prolonged length of time. Slowly ease back into some carbs and try some good walking along with any diet!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Diet or Exercise: Which is More Important?

    Some people are physically unable to exercise. It's nice to know that by watching what we eat and limit our portions, we will still be able to shed some unwanted pounds!!! Thanks for the info!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Does Fish Oil Really Prevent Heart Disease?

    This is definitely an eye opener!!!! There are so many things that we really don't have accurate information about. This will make me do some reading and asking my Dr for opinions!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Are You Tanning Too Much?

    This article hits close to home. I have been a sun worshiper for more years than I would like to think about. Not only do the wrinkles come out, but I have had many per-cancerous moles removed and there is melanoma in our family. Because our summers are so short, I tried to get a much sun as possible and as tan as can be imagined. Now I know that sunscreen, hats and umbrellas, are my best friends!! GREAT article!!!!

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Caffeine Powder: Know the Risks

    I have not heard of caffeine powder until now. Thanks for the information on a substance, that when used properly, can be fine and is also lethal!! Very informative!! Knowledge can prevent a lot of tragedies.

  • alyne murphy added a new comment in Explore Wellki's New Fitness Library

    Exercise made easy..what a concept. My biggest problem with exercise is that I will do it wrong. Now I have Jeff helping me, at any location. It doesn't get any better. Now I have to get going on starting my goals. Thanks guys..very helpful!!!