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Jeff Makepeace

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    I've been active and involved in sports pretty much my entire life.

    However, during my college years, I had put on 70 pounds, leaving me far from in shape - and I eventually tipped the scales at 280 pounds.

    I had to completely overhaul how I was living and eating, and basically revive my active lifestyle of days past.

    Today, I'm back to 215 pounds, but it wasn't easy. It required a good amount of effort and focus. There were struggles along the way, but knowing how I felt back then as compared to now, the hard work was certainly a worthy trade-off.

    I'm currently a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the American College Of Sports Medicine, and find nothing more rewarding than sharing my story, and helping folks on their own journey by providing information on fitness tips, trends and routines.
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