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Energy drinks and in particular energy shots have become more commonly used by every day folks in the last few years.  Need a quick pick me up?  On a less than desired amount of sleep and ready for another long day knowing you will need a boost to get through it?  On paper energy shots are a perfect solution.  However,  have you ever taken time to think about the possible risks?  Do you know what they are?  In this piece we will diagnose what those risks are and put arguably the most common energy shot, “5-Hour Energy”,  under the microscope.

What is “No Crash”?

“5-Hour Energy” drinks have gotten to be arguably the best known of the energy shots out there for a few distinct reasons.  One of the main reasons is the fact that they advertise “no crash” effects in contrast to most of the others.  However, is this a potential risk or side effect?  The reason that this particular product takes away the crash type effect once it wears off is because it does not exceed 20 mg of sugar per serving, in turn affecting the blood glucose levels.  Sugar is meant to be a short-term source of energy and that is why people feel so tired after consuming large quantities of it.  Limiting the amount of “5-Hour Energy” drinks you consume is the best way to avoid any long-term side effects.

Caffeine Amounts

A lot of people inquiring about taking an energy shot, or even those who currently consume them, may be wondering how much caffeine is associated with a shot of “5-Hour”?  The EXACT amount of caffeine is not actually listed on their official website.  However, the company claims that each 2-ounce shot contains a little less than 200 mg of caffeine.  An average cup of coffee in case you are wondering is 93 mg of caffeine and 133 mg if brewed.  Clearly taking a shot of “5-Hour Energy” is like drinking about two full cups of coffee in terms of the amount of caffeine intake.  Obviously the point of an energy shot is to provide you an immediate boost, but how much caffeine is too much?

Individuals Who Should Avoid Energy Shots/Drinks

Due to the presence of stimulants (which increase your heart rate) in “5-Hr Energy” and most other energy drinks, there are those who should completely avoid taking them.  People with cardiovascular problems, issues with their gastrointestinal tract, liver, or issues with  kidney failure, should NOT even consider using any type of energy drink.  If you have any kind of a history with panic attacks you are also an individual who should take a different approach of producing a quick energy boost.  Younger people should also avoid using “5-Hour” or other energy drinks consistently or at the very most on a limited basis as they also interfere with sleep patterns, which of course are very important to maintain.

Energy on a Daily Basis

Overall, energy drinks like this one play absolutely no role in your daily consumption of liquids.  As long as you’re healthy, energy should come from a balance of diet, exercise, and rest.  Avoid using energy shots and drinks on a regular basis.  They are not meant to be a replacement for a good nights sleep and a less than stellar diet which your body needs to produce natural energy.  Instead, they should be for occasional use when you need a quick boost,  had a sleepless night,  or a longer than normal day is on the horizon. 

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    This is a very informative write-up on energy shots and daily consumption. Nice work Wellki writers!

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    Every once in a while I will get an energy shot, but this is some good info for next time. Thank you!

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    Your article was very informative and answered a lot of questions, that I had about energy drinks. It's great to get straight, "to the point" answers. You even commented on the people who should not take these, which most "experts", do not do.

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    I used to drink these all the time - I recently gave up energy drinks, so it's interesting to see what kinds of foods give me natural energy. Great article!

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    I've found Green Tea to be a great all around drink. Add a little bit of honey and it's not just energizing, but much more refreshing than coffee.