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12 Healthiest Fast Food Options

Healthiest Fast Food Options

The folks up in the Northern region of the US are deep into cabin season! While it's the best part of summertime, it's usually one of the worst in terms of eating right. If you're a fellow road-tripper, you may be wondering how you can eat healthy, when the only options available are fast food joints.

Of course, your best course of action involves planning ahead -- creating healthy food options for the road. Perhaps a sandwich, some granola and fruit mix, or anything else that exists on different good food lists we've put together at Wellki. But how often does that happen, when you have to worry about packing up all the food, drinks, clothes, and entertainment for the entire weekend? Let's be real here, making sure you're got a healthy option for a meal on the go is the last thing that gets planned...meaning its the first thing that's forgotten.

To say that there are healthy options at the most popular fast food restaurants might make the average person chuckle, at least just a little bit. Simply looking at the title of this article may make you wonder why there isn't a gigantic asterisk next to "Healthiest". But there have been great strides made in creating healthier alternatives on fast food menus. Sure, you can still wind up with a burger or burrito option that tops the 1,000 calorie mark (as well as dangerously high in fat), but there is hope!

Take a look at the following list of healthy(ish), nutrient-dense food options from the heavy hitters of fast food. And no, this will NOT be a list of purely salad options. To be honest, many salads at your favorite fast food establishments are options you want to avoid!

Just make sure to remember the items on this list the next time you pull into the drive-thru lane, before you wind up making some very poor decisions!

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