Now that Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror, many of us are wondering what we can do to quickly erase those couple extra pounds we may have picked up while gorging over the long weekend.  Today we'll look at a few simple workouts that can get you back to where you were before.

Want to know the best ways to make sure the work you're doing in the gym is getting you the best results? Top trainer Christian Thibaudeau, strength coach of everyone from fitness cover models to elite bodybuilders, offers up his best tips; guaranteed to build muscle!

Just because the person next to you can bench 300 pounds, or can dead-lift 500, doesn't mean the strength work you're doing in the gym has no significance. Those are impressive numbers, but there's no reason everyone should be held to such otherworldly and intimidating standards. Find out how you measure up with a few of the better...

Let's say it just snowed a good, solid foot in your area this winter. Are you really planning on busting out the shovel, digging a pathway for your car, and traversing the frozen tundra, just to make it to the gym for an hour? Wouldn't it be better to just work out at home?

Recovering from an injury, particularly following any surgical procedure, requires lots of patience, hard work, and determination. The prescribed rehab program from your doctor is obviously something you'll need to adhere to, but there are a few more ways you can speed up the recovery process.

High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a workout style people love because it's quick, it's intense, and it's very efficient at burning calories. Tight schedules have made these workouts more popular, but is it possible to do TOO much?

It's nearly November, and the snow's not here...yet! But why wait until the temperatures dip to become an absolute monster on the cross-country ski trails? Some of the most important work to be done is the effort you put in right now -- the off-season.

You may have seen the commercials, or heard about the message, but the commercial gym chain Planet Fitness touts itself as a refuge for the casual exerciser, free from the annoyances of most other gyms. But in creating this separate workout mentality, is Planet Fitness causing more harm than good?

Winter is coming, and sometimes continuing to exercise outdoors simply won't work, particularly in the case of everyone out there who enjoys kayaking, canoeing, or rowing. Once the lakes freeze over, there needs to be something indoors that can be done. Enter the rowing machine!

Any time I share a conversation with someone who wants to get in shape, the first thing I stress -- at length -- is the importance of tracking what you eat.  With the advent of so many apps for calorie counting and food monitoring, more and more people have the capability to accomplish this -- but do they understand how vital the...

 Autumn is in full swing and winter is on the way, leading many dedicated fitness fiends to contemplate the benefits and downsides of exercising outdoors in low temperatures. There are plenty of reasons working out in the cold can be a great experience, but a few considerations should be kept in mind.

The gym is a place where most of us like to get in, push ourselves hard, and get out! Working out can often times take up quite a bit of time in our busy schedules, so why waste it by doing exercises that aren't helping you reach your goals? It's time to identify the worst exercises in the gym, and what you should be doing instead.

 Much like with our Metallica playlist, it's a real shame that it's taken this long to highlight another legendary music group from the '80's. Call them cheesy, call them outdated, all that matters is the catalog of songs from Van Halen works great for workouts!

 I've always admired those individuals that can make their way into the gym on a near-daily basis, and the results they are able to achieve. It takes a special kind of commitment to push oneself through the preparation, pain and perpetuity of a stringently regular routine.

After suffering an injury to the elbow, or really any other joint, the most important first step is to alleviate the pain, and get ride of any residual swelling or bruising. However, that's merely the first step on the road to recovery.

Here at, we've covered the most common injuries to specific joint areas, including the ankles, knees, and shoulders. We're going to turn now to the elbow joint, a common source of injuries for active people.

With the rise of individuals in this country experiencing lactose-intolerance and allergies to dairy, so to has the popularity of alternative milk sources in the aisles of grocery stores everywhere. But just how healthy are these other milk varieties?

Depending on intensity, a strength workout will require you to take about one to five minutes between sets. Even though that isn't a great deal of time by itself, those between-set minutes will add up over the course of an entire workout. To help cut down on total workout time, do yourself a big favor by incorporating some super-sets.

For exercisers everywhere, one of the most annoying spots to feel muscle soreness exists in the middle back region. You know the area -- it's that spot you can't quite reach to itch! Though it may seem hard to find useful stretches to target this area, there are actually some great moves that can help substantially.

If there's one thing that most people can't stand about their local mega-gym, it's the crowds of people during peak hours! Even the most devoted gym member can be deterred by not having access to their favorite machines or equipment. Therefore, the secret to conquering the crowds is all about adapting.