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Explore Wellki's New Fitness Library

Wellki Workout Library

The overarching goal here at Wellki is to provide accessible and comprehensive content, helping people live healthy everyday and pursue their wellness goals without getting caught up in phony diet fads and ineffective fitness programs.

In the spirit of that mission, we are very pleased to introduce our Wellki Fitness Library.

The idea behind this section is quite simple: We want you to have all the tools necessary to build and execute an effective, manageable exercise regimen that rivals any plan you'd create with the guidance of a personal trainer or coach. 

Jeff Makepeace, our on-staff fitness specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, is the brains behind all the content you'll find. He's spent years studying which fitness techniques work best -- both for his clients and himself -- and his wide-ranging knowledge forms the backbone of this expansive digital resource.

The library is broken up into two basic components: Workouts and Exercises.


The Workouts Library is the place to find each and every workout created right here at Wellki. Each workout contains a rotating carousel of photos, specific to each exercise contained within that plan.

If you're wondering about what you'll need for any of our workouts, we have everything covered for you -- including difficulty level, the time it will take for the workout, and all the necessary equipment -- allowing you to get started right away!

If you're unsure of a specific exercise in a workout, click on one of the photos on the carousel to be taken directly to a full description of that exercise, complete with details on how to perform it. Visual learners can dig into photos and a video breakdown. Then head right back into the workout, without even leaving the page!

Of course, if you want to simply get right into the workout, follow along with Jeff by watching the video presentation of the full workout. 


The Exercise Library is an all-encompassing portal for practicing and perfecting the form on pretty much every exercise you've heard of (and some you may not have).

Some of the best exercises for getting in shape require a little expertise, but we've taken care of that for you! Each exercise features its own individual page, featuring a step-by-step guide on how to perform, photos of the exercise for visual reference, and a series of specific keys to getting max results. 

And, as with the Workout Library, each exercise features a video breakdown. This way, you'll get to see first-hand how the movements are performed, from start to finish!

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the basics of the new Fitness Library, get started today in building your perfect body by clicking on a workout!

CLICK HERE to dive into the Wellki Fitness Library!


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    Exercise made easy..what a concept. My biggest problem with exercise is that I will do it wrong. Now I have Jeff helping me, at any location. It doesn't get any better. Now I have to get going on starting my goals. Thanks guys..very helpful!!!