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Quick Tips To Fast-Track Your Way Back From Injuries

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Recovering from an injury, particularly following any surgical procedure, requires lots of patience, hard work, and determination. The prescribed rehab program from your doctor is obviously something you'll need to adhere to, but there are a few more ways you can speed up the recovery process.

Just as your journey to get into shape requires efforts beyond the gym, so too does a post-surgical recovery take into account factors beyond physical therapy. Believe it or not, your lifestyle plays a large role in your overall recovery. The foods you eat, the choices you make, and even the mental approach you adopt are all things that can work to your advantage -- helping you get back to living life they way you used to before the injury.

Take a look at the following list for some helpful strategies, as well as things to avoid, when recovering from a debilitating injury.


Healthy Diet

Your body is expending a great deal of energy helping you recover from your current ailment. Many systems are being recruited to assist in making you healthy again, and these systems need the best nutrients to perform optimally, and speed your recovery. This means eating the best foods available, from all over the food chain. The issue that sometimes exists here is that people don't have the physical wherewithal to either cook, or to go out and buy good foods. Try to recruit friends, family, and other helpers to ensure you're getting what you need.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is one of the better bone-boosting supplements for your body. Talk to your doctor about getting tested for your personal vitamin D levels, and develop strategies to get as much as you can into your diet.


Visualization is a form of meditation, and is a key mental tip for many athletes who are seeking to get an edge. Therefore, visualizing a speedy recovery, and everything you'll get back to when fully healed, will help you gain an edge on your injury. But the main component of meditation is relaxation of the brain; letting go of stresses and other mental filler that takes your mind out of comfort. Take about 10 minutes every day to block out all distractions, and focus on what's going through your mind. Finding peace and happiness is what leads to a better way of life, and will help you think about getting back to your healthiest self.

Music Therapy

No, I don't mean some bizarre form of music -- what I'm talking about is listening to your favorite types of music. Doing so will free your mind from being occupied with all the stress of your recovery, and all the factors that play into that. Music can be another form of meditation, because it allows the brain to focus on things that you enjoy, creating the same result as the aforementioned meditation therapy.



The internal damage that smoking causes is widely known at this point, with far too many cases to list. As was stated before, your body needs all the power it can get to help get you back to being healthy. You can think of smoking as poisoning your body, which will not do you any favors in speeding up the recovery process.

Drinking Alcohol

Yet another instance in which the stuff your body doesn't need is entering your system. The body uses a lot of energy to metabolize alcohol -- energy that can be better spent healing tissue or bones. This process gets slowed down drastically, even when drinking in moderation, so do your best to avoid drinking until a full recovery is made.

Stressing Yourself Out

The mind can play a number of tricks on you, and stress is public enemy number one in that camp. Stress has been known to do crazy things to people -- anything from mental anguish to physical issues (both external and internal). Controlling stress will contribute to a much better recovery, and hopefully one that doesn't last very long.

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