The Best New Core Exercises: Loaded Carries

 If you haven't been paying attention, I'll tell you now that in terms of building up a solid core, any exercises done on your back are a thing of the past. No more crunches, no more sit-ups, no more time spent wasting your energy on ineffective training. In order to build a great looking set of abs, it's time to get up on your...

posted 3 hours 40 minutes ago by Jeff Makepeace

Wellki Workout Playlist: Metallica

 Wellki's Workout Playlist feature returns with one of the heaviest hitters in hard rock; a band that has long been a workout staple in commercial gyms everywhere, including one song that features one of the most iconic intros in all of music. Turn up the volume, because it's time to prepare yourself for some Metallica!

posted 6 hours 35 minutes ago by Jeff Makepeace

6 Of The Most Ridiculous Fad Diets

 These days, it seems as though everywhere you look, there's a brand new fad diet popping up. The scary thing is, as we learn that each and every one of these fads is a joke, people get more than a little desperate for the next big thing. As you'll see with a few of these fads, perhaps things have been taken a little too far!

posted 22 hours 45 minutes ago by Jeff Makepeace

The New Rules of Alcohol And Exercise

 Given the fact that alcohol is a prominent beverage of choice at so many gatherings and events, it's difficult to expect that someone would be able to completely cut the booze. Thus, as with many things in life, the goal isn't complete eradication, but learning how to work around it. So how do you make sure alcohol isn't destroying...

posted 1 day 2 hours ago by Jeff Makepeace

Health Buzz: The Unhealthiest Meals in America

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has been annually handing out their "awards" for the most unhealthy meals among all restaurant menus in America since 2007. They recently released their latest list. So which plate takes home the prize in the 2014 Xtreme Eating Awards? ...

posted 2 days 1 hour ago by Nick Nelson

Grass Fed or Organic?

One huge question that we all face while perusing the meat aisle at the grocery store is whether we should buy organic beef or grass fed beef. What's the difference, and which is healthier?

posted 2 days 5 hours ago by alyne murphy

Are You Tanning Too Much?

 For many of us, one of the great aspects of summertime is getting out into the sun and adding a nice bronze hue to our skin tone. It's an especially nice perk for pasty, pale Northerners such as myself who spend six-plus months of the year hidden inside from the cold and bitter winter. But in our quest to bring color...

posted 3 days 3 hours ago by Nick Nelson

Two Weeks Into the Gluten-Free Diet

Wow, times sure flies! I have completed two weeks of my gluten-free diet. I have also eliminated dairy and corn. What a learning experience this has been!

posted 4 days 29 minutes ago by alyne murphy

Shoulder Shaping Workout

Ready to transform your shoulder muscles? Get ready to completely re-shape your arms with this high-intensity workout.

posted 4 days 6 hours ago by Jeff Makepeace

5 Quick Ways To Get Stronger

 If you're serious about strength training, chances are you've ran into one of the worst phrases in fitness; hitting a plateau. When reaching a point when you can't seem to continue making strength progress, it's important to know the techniques to break past those plateaus. The good news is, it may be easier than you think!

posted 1 week 3 hours ago by Jeff Makepeace

7 Great Ways to Supercharge Your Metabolism

Metabolism boosting has long been associated with the health and wellness giants; diet and exercise. A steady diet of the proper foods and a regimen of great exercise will multiply metabolism by leaps and bounds. But what if there were just a few extra tips to help to REALLY supercharge your metabolism?

posted 1 week 1 day ago by Jeff Makepeace

Health Buzz: Sleeping Temperature Benefits

 What we're going to do is go beyond the well-known ground covered by sleep and its benefits -- beyond feeling refreshed, energized, and happy. Beyond boosting cognition and reducing stress, depression, and the risk of heart disease. Deeper than all of this is how your cells -- fat cells to be exact -- are altered by sleep.

posted 1 week 2 days ago by Jeff Makepeace

Should I Run on Pavement or Dirt?

As a frequent runner who struggles with knee problems from time to time, the question posed in the title of this post is one that I think about often. Running is a good workout, but if we're not taking steps to protect our bodies, it can also be pretty punishing on our joints while also carrying significant injury risks.

posted 1 week 2 days ago by Nick Nelson

Triceps Torching Workout

The Wellki Fat Burning Basics is an exercise article series devoted to creating higher intensity weight training workouts. Each article will focus on a workout to boost weight loss through fast-paced, fat burning routines that will both strengthen and shape the specific muscles featured. Today's workout is the Triceps Torching Workout!

posted 1 week 2 days ago by Jeff Makepeace

Caffeine Powder: Know the Risks

 In the never-ending quest to find more efficient energy supplements that can help us power through our days and increase metabolism, the public is always thirsting for new products and ideas. The latest buzz-generator that's generating buzz is caffeine powder. While legal, this stuff is dangerous.

posted 1 week 3 days ago by Nick Nelson

Thoughts After One Week Gluten-Free

 I am on my second week trying out the gluten-free diet. It is going quite well. I haven't been on the scale but I feel as if I have dropped a couple pounds.

posted 1 week 3 days ago by alyne murphy

Tips to Make Running More Fun

 Running is widely recognized as a great and accessible form of exercise. I talk to a lot of people who are interested in getting started on a running routine, but just find the task itself too boring or laborious to follow through. This is common enough, but there are some methods get over the hump if you have the desire.

posted 1 week 4 days ago by Nick Nelson

Andrew's Week 6 Weight Loss Check-In

You win some and you lose some, an old wise man once told me.  But sometimes, that rule doesn't apply in weight loss. Sometimes you break even on a given week. Sometimes you had a few too many late night snacks, or you simply just didn't get on your bike as much as you would have hoped.  ...

posted 1 week 4 days ago by Andrew Hoffer

Explore Wellki's New Fitness Library

 The overarching goal here at Wellki is to provide accessible and comprehensive content, helping people live healthy everyday and pursue their wellness goals without getting caught up in phony diet fads and ineffective fitness programs. In the spirit of that mission, we are very pleased to introduce our Wellki Fitness Library.

posted 2 weeks 1 hour ago by Nick Nelson

The Water Challenge

So here it is: I've got a challenge for you. I have been doing the water challenge this month and I invite you to join me in this endeavor. The challenge is to drink one gallon of water every day for one month. ...

posted 2 weeks 2 hours ago by Optimal Zach

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