The Off-Season Workout For Cross Country Skiers

It's nearly November, and the snow's not here...yet! But why wait until the temperatures dip to become an absolute monster on the cross-country ski trails? Some of the most important work to be done is the effort you put in right now -- the off-season.

posted 1 hour 18 minutes ago by Jeff Makepeace

Why You Need Smoothies In Your Life

Healthy eating has often been a struggle for me, especially lately. I live alone and I don't usually have the time (or, really, the skills) to cook balanced and nutritious meals, so too often I wind up eating out, ordering pizza or falling back on frozen entrees. A few weeks ago I bought a blender, and it's been a revelation.

posted 1 day 2 hours ago by Nick Nelson

Foods With The Most Surprisingly Deceptive Portion Sizes

We already know that all of the best snacks on the market are working against a healthy diet. Potato chips, cookies and crackers taste so great, but they're just so bad for you. Yet, there's another way that many foods are ruining diets everywhere: misleading serving sizes!

posted 2 days 3 hours ago by Jeff Makepeace

Can Chocolate Improve Your Memory?

Last week we took a look at some alarming new research about soda, suggesting that the sugary beverages could be associated with accelerated aging.  Today, we've got some good news for health-conscious folks who enjoy their sweets: chocolate might improve your memory.

posted 3 days 3 hours ago by Nick Nelson

The Definitive Guide To The Most Delicious Salads

Salads have long been the butt of many jokes in the world of food. In the immortal words of Ron Swanson of television's "Parks & Recreation," salad is 'the food that my food eats.' The truth is, salads don't have to be the boring alternative in a diet, and there's easy ways to make them taste fantastic!

posted 6 days 2 hours ago by Jeff Makepeace

Health Buzz:

If you've seen advertisements that paint Vitaminwater -- a flavored beverage under the Coca-Cola umbrella -- as a healthy drink, you've been deceived. And you might be in line for some financial compensation.

posted 6 days 3 hours ago by Nick Nelson

Two Most Important Factors in a Good Diet?

There's a great deal of static that one must fight through when trying to make smart choices about dieting and nutrition in today's world. Businesses lobby for rules and standards that maximize profit. Government organizations work to regulate these processes but don't always have the consumer's health at top of mind. At the...

posted 1 week 2 hours ago by Nick Nelson

What is the Teal Pumpkin Project?

Halloween is just over a week away. When you take the kids out trick-or-treating this year, you might notice something unusual on some of the neighborhood doorsteps: teal pumpkins. What's the significance of these odd-colored gourds? ...

posted 1 week 7 hours ago by Nick Nelson

The Scary Truth Behind Planet Fitness

You may have seen the commercials, or heard about the message, but the commercial gym chain Planet Fitness touts itself as a refuge for the casual exerciser, free from the annoyances of most other gyms. But in creating this separate workout mentality, is Planet Fitness causing more harm than good?

posted 1 week 1 day ago by Jeff Makepeace

The Most Overlooked Concussion Treatment

Concussions are among the scariest injuries a human can incur, in large part because so little is known about them at this point. If you've ever taken a jarring blow to the head, there's a good chance you've experienced lingering symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and nausea.  There's also a good chance you've had little...

posted 1 week 2 days ago by Nick Nelson

The Deeper Dangers of Drinking Soda

We're already familiar with many of the harmful effects that can be associated with soda consumption. The high content of empty calories and acidic chemicals wreaks havoc on our bodies, our teeth and our circulatory system. Now we're learning that these sugary drinks might be responsible for farther-reaching implications.

posted 1 week 3 days ago by Nick Nelson

Ways to Stay Sanitary and Avoid Illness

With Ebola cases emerging in the United States and news coverage reaching a frenzy, the dangerous communicable disease has a whole lot of people on edge. As we discussed recently, there's no reason for great concern yet. But the situation does serve as a reminder of the importance of staying sanitary in public places.

posted 1 week 6 days ago by Nick Nelson

A Healthy and Safe Halloween

As Halloween is fast approaching, we will soon be seeing little ghosts, goblins, witches, wizards and pirates roaming about our neighborhoods. There's no need to fear, however, as long as we take precautions and make sure that the children wearing these cute and creepy costumes will do their trick-or-treating in the safest conditions...

posted 2 weeks 7 hours ago by alyne murphy

Discover The Best Steps To Get Better At Rowing

Winter is coming, and sometimes continuing to exercise outdoors simply won't work, particularly in the case of everyone out there who enjoys kayaking, canoeing, or rowing. Once the lakes freeze over, there needs to be something indoors that can be done. Enter the rowing machine!

posted 2 weeks 1 day ago by Jeff Makepeace

Health Buzz: Restaurant Menus Getting Healthier

One of the less discussed initiatives tied to the Affordable Care Act is a stipulation that will require restaurant chains to post calorie counts next to prices on their menus.  This is causing the industry to react in a way that should prove very positive for our nation's health.

posted 2 weeks 2 days ago by Nick Nelson

Tracking Success: The Importance of Food Monitoring

Any time I share a conversation with someone who wants to get in shape, the first thing I stress -- at length -- is the importance of tracking what you eat.  With the advent of so many apps for calorie counting and food monitoring, more and more people have the capability to accomplish this -- but do they understand how vital the...

posted 2 weeks 3 days ago by Jeff Makepeace

Exercising in Cold Weather

 Autumn is in full swing and winter is on the way, leading many dedicated fitness fiends to contemplate the benefits and downsides of exercising outdoors in low temperatures. There are plenty of reasons working out in the cold can be a great experience, but a few considerations should be kept in mind.

posted 2 weeks 6 days ago by Nick Nelson

The Worst Exercises: Kiss Them Goodbye!

The gym is a place where most of us like to get in, push ourselves hard, and get out! Working out can often times take up quite a bit of time in our busy schedules, so why waste it by doing exercises that aren't helping you reach your goals? It's time to identify the worst exercises in the gym, and what you should be doing instead.

posted 3 weeks 2 hours ago by Jeff Makepeace

Recognizing Heart Attack Symptoms

Do you know the signs you or someone around you could be having a heart attack? This is crucially important knowledge, because early recognition can literally be the difference between life and death.

posted 3 weeks 1 day ago by alyne murphy

Healthiest Road Trip Snacks

Packing for a road trip includes making sure you have the right clothes, gear, and other important supplies for whatever adventure lies ahead. But often the most overlooked item to plan for is the road trip menu. Gas stations know this, so they provide the cheapest, most unhealthy junk because people buy it! But there are much healthier...

posted 3 weeks 1 day ago by Jeff Makepeace

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